Smart Cities + Open Data REuse (SCORE)

EC funded project with 12 project partners including University of Bradford across North Sea Region

SCORE aims to increase efficiency and quality of public services in cities through smart and open data-driven solutions.

SCORE is a European Union funded project with nine cities and three universities participating: Amsterdam, Aarhus, Aberdeen, Bergen, Bradford, Dordrecht, Ghent, Gothenburg, Hamburg, University of Amsterdam, Aarhus University and University of Bradford.

The partners develop innovative solutions based on open data and focus on sharing insights and methodologies for developing better public services. For instance in the shape of better management of sustainable mobility, improving air quality, monitoring flooding and furthering crowd management.

We contribute to the project in three work streams.

First, Urban Observatory for Air Quality Monitoring , is an open data platform with visualisation of data coming from calibrated sensors. You can access the Urban Observatory from here

Second, a Citizen Science as a Service (CSaaS) app for flood monitoring, called PhenoTracker allows citizens to report flood incidents and is currently trialled in a number of communities. You can access further details from here

Third, we focus on devising a new way of peer reviewing of smart cities solutions. SCORE has commited to develop replicable and open solutions that are easy to replicate between cities. We work with partners in project in peer reviewing process to evaluate how replicable, and open solutions are, and what are the barriers to replication and openness.

Contribution to EU LifeCRITICAL Project

LifeCRITICAL project focuses on driving climate adaptation with citizen involvement and ecoservices-based redesign of Urban Parks. We work with EU LifeCritical project focusing on collecting baseline air quality data from a local park and measuring the impact of various interventions on air quality.

Innovate UK project on AI and Immigration Law

In this Innovate UK funded project, we work with a solicitor in London to devise AI solutions to support decision making in UK Immigration cases. This is first of its kind of project that exculsively focuses on Immigration Law. We have a dedicated web portal for this project that can be reacher here.